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Functional Cuff Weight Set
SKU:   |  Price: $

A double stitched exercise weight for the upper or lower extremities

Adjustable Ankle Weights
SKU:   |  Price: $

20 Lb. weight is adjustable in 1/2 Lb. increments

Adjustable Wrist Weights
SKU:   |  Price: $

2 Lb. weight is adjustable in 1/5 Lb. increments

Heart Rate Monitor
SKU:   |  Price: $

Easy to program monitor with ventilated watch band

Therapy Putty Neutral
SKU:   |  Price: $

Molds to the hand shape

Hand Easy Grip Weight Ball
SKU:   |  Price: $

Get all the benefits of traditional weight training without using hard-to-hold metal dumbbells

Hand Weighted Ball
SKU:   |  Price: $

The color coded hand weighted balls are small enough and flexible enough to grasp with one hand yet big enough to hold with two hands.

Thera-Band Exercise Ball
SKU:   |  Price: $

Heavy duty exercise ball used to increase flexibility coordination and strength

Thera-Band Resistive Exercise Tubing
SKU:   |  Price: $

An excellent tool for hand rehabilitation

Theraband Dispenser Package
SKU:   |  Price: $

Yellow Thin 11 Lbs. The Thera-Band Resistance Band Dispenser Pack is the most convenient way to distribute individually wrapped pre-cut Thera-Band latex resistance bands made especially to meet the needs of rehab clinics hospitals clubs and gyms