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Formfit Thumb Spica Splint
SKU: RM3070  |  Price: $

Strategic locations for superior comfort and fit * Effective long-term immobilization and protection * Adjustable radial and palmar stays * Patented 3-dimensional molding technology * Adjustable design for customized fit * Exceptional comfort *

Thumb Neoprene
SKU: SA9001LGXL  |  Price: $

Excellent Retail Packaging! * Blue plus neoprene for warmth and comfort * Supports yet allows for good grip * Flexible stay to keep thumb in neutral position * Fits left or right * Measurement is around wrist * Latex Free *

Swede-O Arch Lok
SKU: 23111R  |  Price: $

Supports both the foot and ankle. * Hinged ankle brace with a modified orthotic footplate that provides critical foot and arch support to help rehabilitate a recently injured ankle and a longer footplate to help keep the foot in the proper position and help prevent re-injury * Features heavy-duty padding under the arch and side plates and a 3-strap adjustment system that can be adjusted to fit almost any size ankle and calf *

Aircast Air-Stirrup Brace Left
SKU: 02AL  |  Price: $

Air-Stirrup ankle brace for use with sprains fractures and chronic instability * Resists inversion without affecting flexion * Anatomically contoured to conform to the ankle with minimum bulk * Comfort and security encourage early reform to function *

Knee Immobilizer Deluxe
SKU: 3216LG  |  Price: $

White cotton sateen on 3/8 thick foam nylon tricot lined * One each medial and lateral stays and two contoured posterior stays are removable * Alternating loop-lock straps close with hook and loop * Two adhesive foam strips and popliteal pad included *

Hinged Tru-Pull Knee Support
SKU: DJ22928  |  Price: $

Recommended for normalizing patella tracking and helps reduce anterior knee pain caused by patella instabilities * Provides support for patella malalignment dislocations or subluxations * Patented lightweight material for added comfort * Aluminum hinges for additional support and to help control hyperextension * Easy application and adjustment *

Knee Wrap Black Neoprene
SKU: SA9086LG  |  Price: $

Excellent Retail Packaging! * Black neoprene provides warmth flexibility and support * Easy application * Excellent adjustability * Measurement is around kneecap * Latex Free * Comes with 1 adjustable velcro strap on top portion (above kneecap) *

Cho-Pat Dual Action Knee Strap
SKU: CP04  |  Price: $

To measure take circumference above kneecap * Patented strap applies pressure upon the tendons above and below the knee to help reduce subluxation * Improve tracking and elevation * Lessen the forces of the quadriceps * Reduce the erosion of the undersurface of the kneecap * Allows full mobility *

Universal Male Rib Belt Sportaid
SKU: SA3812  |  Price: $

Men - Universal * Excellent retail packaging * 6 segmented elastic * Dura-FoamTM for long-term wear * Fully adjustable * Fits 27 - 44 chest * Latex Free *

Universal Female Rib Belt Sportaid
SKU: SA3813  |  Price: $

Women - UniversalExcellent retail packaging * 6 segmented elastic * Dura-FoamTM for long-term wear * Fully adjustable * Fits 27 - 44 chest * Latex Free *