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Easy-Gluco Blood Glucose Meter
SKU: 2657A  |  Price: $

Meter * The EasyGluco G2 Blood Glucose Monitoring System features capillary action and shows you if there is enough blood for an accurate reading *

Diabetic Socks - Extra Large (10-13) (pair) Black
SKU: 2667E  |  Price: $

BLACK * X-Large (10-13) Pair * Ideal for those who need special foot care * Extra wide to keep swollen feet warm at night and to protect and cover foot cream * 100% cotton/ machine wash/tumble dry * Color: Black

Dia-Pak Classic Organizer
SKU: 2666  |  Price: $

Classic 1 Week Supply

Medicool Insulin Traveling Case
SKU: 2665  |  Price: $

Blue Insulin protector case * Insulated case keeps cooler cold for up to 16 hours * Keeps insulin potent * Attractive durable case * Case includes pockets for syringes prep pads and more * 8 x4 x3

D.I. Insulin/Syringe Carry Case
SKU: 2664  |  Price: $

Discreet yet stylish the D.I. Case is the handiest carrying case available for transporting your insulin and syringes * Simulating a designer eyeglass case the D.I. Case is made of lightweight aluminum with a fitted insert that holds two vials of insulin two syringes and alcohol swabs * Also compatible with the smaller 100 unit prefilled disposable Pens * Fits comfortably in your pocket or purse * Weighs only four ounces * Comes in simulated black leather * Perfect for everyday use * 6 L x 2-1/2 W * Contents not included * Color Black

Wright Pre-Filled Syringe Case Set/2
SKU: 2661  |  Price: $

Set of 2 * The Wright Prefilled Syringe Case makes transportation of prefilled syringes as simple as carrying a fountain pen * Designed to fit in a pocket or purse the Wright Prefilled Syringe case holds most E-Z JECT B-D PharmaPlast and TERUMO syringes (not compatible with Monoject syringes). The interior is designed to safely hold the syringe plunger in your preset position with the approximate dosage * The kit comes with one black and one white case constructed of impact resistant polypropylene *

Monolet Style Lancets Bx/100
SKU: 2697  |  Price: $

Monolet Style Lancets Bx/100 Item: 2697 Bx/100 * Quick and easy * Controlled penetration * 28 Gauge

Auto Blood Lancing Device
SKU: 2675  |  Price: $

Uses Complete Medical Brand lancets (Lancets model 2697 Bx/100) * Quiet concealed mechanism * Convenient single trigger * Regular & deep punctures * Protective Case *

Multistix- 10 Sg (mfg#2161) Bx/100
SKU: 4015C  |  Price: $

Test for glucose bilirubin ketones specific gravity blood pH protein nitrites and leukocytes in urine *

Perfect 2 Diabetic Strips Box/50
SKU: 2658A  |  Price: $

Test Strips * Strips Bx/50 * Blood Glucose Test Strips for use with Perfect 2 * Reagent composition: Each test strip contains per cm of reaction zone approximately: - Glucose oxidase 7.6% - Electron shuttle 53.3% - Non reactive ingredients 39.1% * Storage temperature 40 degrees F to 86 degrees F * Do not freeze * Do not reuse test strips * Store the test strips in a cool dry place and avoid direct sunlight *